Calendar of events

Event Description Date Place Organizer / Sponsor
30th anniversary of Winter Olympic Games
Ice Fest 2014 Sarajevo Three-day ice hockey festival Jan 10-12, 2014 Sports Hall Juan Antonio Samaranh, Sarajevo City of Sarajevo and Ice Hockey Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
"Celebrate Olympism"-Olympic Sport Week Skiing weekend on Bjelašnica and Jahorina with rich cultural and entertainment programme and seeing off of our athletes to Olympic Games in Sochi Jan 31, Feb 1-2, 2014 Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Sports Hall Juan Antonio Samaranh Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, City of Sarajevo and Ice Skating Association
Sarajevo Open 2014 Tournament in figure skating- international competition of ice skating clubs, juniors and seniors from 13 countries Jan 31, Feb 1-2, 2014 Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Sports Hall Juan Antonio Samaranh Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, City of Sarajevo and Ice Skating Association
"Celebrate Olympism" - exhibition Exhibition of works of young designers entitled "Olympism and Olympic Values" for Olympic Museum's new collection Feb 7, 2014 Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH Olympic Museum, City of Sarajevo, Art Gallery of BiH, ULUPUBiH, Zvono...
Ice Hockey tournament BiH - Turkey On the 30th anniversary of XIV Winter Olympic Games a friendly hockey game between representations of BiH and Turkey will be held Feb 8, 2014 Sports Hall Juan Antonio Samaranh City of Sarajevo and Ice Hockey Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monography on Sarajevo Olympic Presentation of Monography on Sarajevo Olympics by authors Slobodan Stajić and Dragan Stefanović Feb 8, 2014 BiH Olympic Committee Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, City of Sarajevo and City of East Sarajevo
FIS Cup "Children for World Peace 2014" International skiing competition of young athletes in slalom and giant slalom supported by International Skiing Federation Feb 12-13, 2014 Bjelašnica City of Sarajevo and "Sarajevo" Skiing Association
Ice Show Spectacular performance of local skaters and British skaters. Highlight of the show -performance to unforgettable "Bolero" by Olympic champions from 1984, skating pair Torvill and Dean. Feb 13, 2014 Sports Hall Juan Antonio Samaranh, Sarajevo, Sarajevo City of Sarajevo
Europa Snowboard Cup "Sarajevo 2014" International snowboard competition Feb 22-23, 2014 Bjelašnica City of Sarajevo and Snowboard Club "Free Style"
30th anniversary of "Sarajevo Winter"
International Festival "Sarajevo Winter" Numerous theatre plays, concerts, films, exhibitions and performances, and guest appearances of prominent international artists... Feb 7- March 21, 2014 International Festival "Sarajevo Winter"
Day of the City of Sarajevo
Day of the City of Sarajevo Marking of the Day of the City of Sarajevo April 6, 2014 Sarajevo City of Sarajevo
Opening of Sarajevo City Hall
Opening of Sarajevo City Hall Opening of the most prominent building from the Austro-Hungarian period, destroyed during the siege, one of the symbols of Sarajevo May 9, 2014 City Hall City of Sarajevo
100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One
"Outsourcing to Sarajevo 2014" On this historic day, (June 28th) a large scale outdoor public sculpture abd exhibition platform will be presented to the people of Sarajevo. Inside the sculpture will be images from 6 artists from the BiH region and 6 from Austria, creating a cultural exchange between the artwork and the community in celebration of the 2014 Centennial. Opening Ceremony: Saturday, June 28th, 14:00 and continuing through Sunday, July 6th. Outside courtyard between the Musem of History and the National Museum BMUKK Alexander Viscio
Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 International event that will bring together thousands of peace activists and youth from many countries in the world. Activities such as workshops, plenary sessions, conferences, round tables, as well as cultural and youth activities, will be realized in multiple locations in Sarajevo, within three components: international forum, culture and art, and Youth Peace Camp. Main topics of the event are: Peace and Social Justice; Militarism and alternatives; Culture of peace and nonviolence; Gender, women and peace; Reconciliation and dealing with the past. Web: June 6-9, 2014 Multiple locations in Sarajevo; Youth Peace Camp in Camp "Oaza" Ilidža International Committee Sarajevo and National Committee
Exhibition Making peace Making Peace is a major public event that aims to teach the public, especially young people what key elements are necessary to create a 'sustainable peace', while paying tribute to the people who —all over the planet— devote their time, energy and resources to the cause of peace and how these persons and organizations have shaped and influenced the course of the 20th century.

The exhibition was curated by Ashley Woods (formerly with Magnum Photos) and produced by the International Peace Bureau (IPB), the largest peace federation in the world and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1910). ( Exhibition Making Peace was already at Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Utrecht, Geneva and Strasbourg, and on 28th June in Sarajevo as part of commemorative program of City of Sarajevo - 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War One.

Exhibition will be placed 8 weeks on boardwalk at Obala Maka Dizdara, grand opening is at 10:30 in front of Academy of Fine Arts on 28. June. Photo-exhibition will be opened by Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić, Mayor of Utrecht, ambassador of Switzerland in B&H, ambassador of Kingdom of Netherlands in B&H, Secretary General of the International Peace Bureau and other dignitares.

In partnership with the Youth Institute KULT, Making Peace will also organize a series of workshops at Academy of Fine Arts, involving over 100 young people who will be in Sarajevo between 26 – 30 June participating in 'Sarajevo2014' and the commemoration of WWI.

In the words of Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, President of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace and former Director-General of UNESCO:

"Тhis is an extraordinarily powerful exhibition that pays tribute to a century of peace making and a wide range of peacemakers across the globe. At the same time it serves as a call to action for ordinary citizens to become involved in peace activities of all kinds, and in so doing to promote a global culture of peace".
28th June - 20th September 2014 Obala Maka Dizdara City of Sarajevo, City of Utrecht, Council of Europe, Government of Kingdom of Netherlands, Government of Switzerland, Hewlett Packard, International Peace Bureau, Neon Heart, Real Exhibition Development, Fortuna Digital, Youth Development KULT
Exhibition opening of Ars Aevi Museum Is one among the series of events in commemoration of 100 anniversary of the beginning of World War One Feb 6, 2014 Art Depo Ars Aevi - Centar Skenderija Ars Aevi, City of Sarajevo, Sarajevo Canton, Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, Embassy of the Republic of Italy
"Latin Bridge" Student program to connect schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU countries and help them organize exchange programs. Until summer 2015   German Embassy, Foundation "Schüler Helfen Leben" (SHL), Goethe-Institut, Foundation "Sarajevo Heart of Evrope", European Union
"Connecting Creatively" Connecting Great Britain and Bosnia and Herezgovina through museum exhibitions, theatre, film and education.     Foundation "Sarajevo Heart of Europe", European Union
CONNECTING MUSEUMS – "And then, in Sarajevo, the shot was fired...: The World War I and Bosnia and Herzegovina" Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the Imperial War Museum in London. Exhibition - journey through the past 1914 - 1918. 26.06.2014., 20:00h Historijski muzej Bosne i Hercegovine Supported by British Council and the European Union.
CONNECTING MUSEUMS – "And then, in Sarajevo, the shot was fired...: The World War I and Bosnia and Herzegovina" Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the Imperial War Museum in London. Exhibition on tour in BH cities. December 2014 – March 2015 Širom BiH Supported by British Council and the European Union.
CONNECTING THEATRE - “BOLERO” by Michael Pinchbeck Seven performers from the UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Germany ravel and unravel historical events through music of Bolero. Tour to Mostar, Zenica and Tuzla. A co-production of SARTR, Nottingham Playhouse, ODA Theatre. 29.06.2014., 19.00 Sarajevski ratni teatar SARTR Supported by British Council and the European Union.
CONNECTING THEATRE - “BOLERO” by Michael Pinchbeck Seven performers from the UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Germany ravel and unravel historical events through music of Bolero. Tour to Mostar, Zenica and Tuzla. A co-production of SARTR, Nottingham Playhouse, ODA Theatre. October 2014 Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla Supported by British Council and the European Union.
CONNECTING FILM, 20th Sarajevo Film Festival Presenting an exclusively curated collection of newsreels from the British Film Institute's archives dating back to early 1900s.  At the Industry section of the Festival, we will welcome twenty film professionals from the UK who will focus on strenghtening future cultural cooperation with the region. 15-23 August, 2014 Sarajevo film festival Supported by British Council and the European Union.
CONNECTING CLASSROOMS Connecting young people and teachers to foster international collaboration by developing joint projects focused around social changes of the past 100 years. This will culminate with main event in Sarajevo in September that will gather hundreds of students, teachers and education authorities from Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU member countries. September, 2014 Sarajevo Supported by British Council and the European Union.
Sarajevo Grand Prix International cycling race sponsored by Tour de France will gather cyclists from more than 20 countries June 22, 2014 Sarajevo and East Sarajevo Foundation "Sarajevo Heart of Europe", European Union, City of Sarajevo, City of East Sarajevo, Embassy of the Republic of France, BiH Cycling Association
"Long Shots of Sarajevo" Conference Interdisciplinary Conference on events, narratives and memories of 1914 June 23-29, 2014   Foundation "Sarajevo Heart of Evrope", European Union
Conference "Mlada Evropa" (Young Europe) International youth conference with 100 participants from BiH, the Balkans, Europe and North America, with follow-up conferences in Banja Luka, Tuzla and Mostar. The conference's main goals are to encourage young people to exchange their experiences and perspectives, network internationally and get involved. June 26 - July 3 2014 Banja Luka, Tuzla, Mostar German Embassy, Youth Organisation KULT, Foundation "Sarajevo Heart of Evrope", European Union
SHARE Contemporary art project with subheading "Too much history, more future!", international promotion of art work using visual aids and modern aids From March 14 Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina Foundation "Sarajevo Heart of Evrope", European Union
„Hotel Europe“ World premiere of theatre play by Bernard-Henry Lévy. June 27, 2014 Sarajevo National Theatre
Concert of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra On the day of assasination, the Sarajevo City Hall will be the venue of spectacular concert of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra June 28, 2014 - 18:45h City Hall Fondacija "Sarajevo Heart of Europe", European Union, City of Sarajevo, EBU, BHRT, France Télévisions and ZDF
Exhibition „Sarajevo 2014“, Abida Ruppert Abida Ruppert was born in Visegrad. She lives and works in Germany. During the war she organized a refugee center where she provided accommodation, medical assistance and welfare support to approximately 3,000 people and a school for the children of refugees. As an outlet for the accumulated emotions and pain of others, she began to paint and it was the beginning of her artistic career. In 1999 she organized the first exhibition. She exhibited in prestigious galleries in Germany, and won awards for humanitarian and artistic work. Today, Abida is assistant professor at the universities of workers in Hilden and Hannu. Her last exhibition in Munich was in March, 2014, "One Hundred Years of Sarajevo assassination". Her second exhibition in Sarajevo (21 - 28 June, 2014, "Sarajevo 2014) is also dedicated to the Sarajevo assassination. The focus of work: Oil and acrylic with mixed techniques, experimental painting with objects and installations. June 21-28, 2014 Sevdah Art House Sevdah Art House
Reconstruction of Olympic Museum building The beginning of reconstruction of Olympic Museum is planned to take place at the time of commemoration of outbreak of World War One Foundation "Sarajevo Heart of Europe", City of Sarajevo, Embassy of the Republic of France, BiH Olympic Committee
"Bridges of Sarajevo" Screening of 14 short films by European directors focusing on Sarajevo, its role in European history during the past 100 years and what it means today to be confirmed Fondacija "Sarajevo Heart of Europe", European Union and City of Sarajevo
Zeppelin Exhibition Exhibition of black and white photographs from Zeppelin Museum June 15 – July 15, 2014 Bosnian Culture Center, International Centre for Children and Youth Novo Sarajevo. City of Sarajevo, City of Friedrichshafen, NGO "Pro Sarajevo"
Exhibition "The Dignity of Mankind" On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of First World War and 100th anniversary of the death of Austrian writer, pacifist and Nobel prize winner Bertha von Suttner, the Vienna museum MUSA, in cooperation with the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Sarajevo and Art House from Bern, is organizing an exhibition entitled “The Dignity of Mankind”.

The exhibition “The Dignity of Mankind” is addressing the issue of the indicators of loss of mankind’s dignity in everyday life, and offers the strategies for defending the basic humanistic principles and saving them from being exploited and commercialized. The destruction of the framework conditions considered constructive for the construct of “dignity” related to human ways of life, represent the starting points for artistic opinions which will be subjects of discussion during this cooperation.

The Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina will present the works of artists Mladen Miljanović, Maja Bajević, Damir Nikšić, Edin Numankadić and Milomir Kovačević Strašni.

The curators of the exhibition are Maja Abdomerović from Sarajevo, Berthold Ecker and Roland Fink from the Vienna Department of culture MA7 and Terezie Petiškova and Jana Vranova from Brno.

The Exhibition “The dignity of Mankind” will be held in Vienna from March 31st to May 31st, and it will be opened in Sarajevo from June 28th to August 2nd. After Sarajevo, the exhibition will be moved to Brno, where it will be opened for the public in autumn.
June 28 - Aug 8, 2014 BiH Art Gallery MUSA Vienna, The Brno House of Arts
Sarajevo Museum Exhibition Exhibition on the occasion of 100 anniversary of assasination and beginning of World War One July 1 - Oct.1, 2014 City Hall City of Sarajevo and Sarajevo Museum
Exhibition "DeRATization of the Past" "Virtual museums" Sept. and Oct. 2014. City Hall Faculty of Electrical Engineering and City of Sarajevo
Events of special interest to the City of Sarajevo
Exhibition - Collegium Artisticum On April 5th, the Collegium Artisticum gallery will be the venue of traditional annual exhibition on the occasion of the Day of the City of Sarajevo, where around 200 artists from entire Bosnia and Herzegovina will exhibit their best works produced during the last year. The exhibition is organized by three artistic associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina: ULUBIH (Association of Visual Artists) ULUPUBIH (Association of Visual Artists of Applied Arts) and AABIH (Association of Architects).

This exhibition is the biggest annual visual arts event of competitive kind, where all three associations traditionally present “Grand Prix” awards for best achievements in the previous year. Apart from these prestigious awards, Associations present awards for achievements in all categories of visual arts.

From its foundation in 1975, the City Gallery Collegium Artisticum represented relevant exhibition space and one of the centres for gathering of artistic, intellectual and cultural scene.
April 5th, 2014 at 19.00 hours Collegium Artisticum Gallery City of Sarajevo, "Collegium Artisticum"
Pop-Rock Festival On the Day of the city of Sarajevo April 6th, at 18:00 hours Pop Rock Festival for primary school pupils will be held at Bosnian Cultural Centre. The festival was held for the first time in 2006, and this year it will be sponsored by the City of Sarajevo and organised by NGO “Princes krofne”.

The youngest soloists together with the children’s choir “Princes krofne” will send the best congratulation message with their singing to the City of Sarajevo on its birthday.

We are convinced that by their performance of hit songs of Bosnian and Herzegovinian authors these young talents will show that they are the future pop and rock stars of Sarajevo’s music sce
April 6, 2014   City of Sarajevo, NGO "Princess Krofne"
20th Sarajevo Evenings of Music - SVEM 2014 Sarajevo evenings of music will be held from 6th to 10th May, under the auspices of the City of Sarajevo and Music Art Foundation, and this year it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The concert to be held at the National Theatre, Hall of the BiH Armed Forces and Church of Saint Joseph at Marijin Dvor, will see the performances of masters of classical music- musicians, conductors, choirs and orchestra, with the announced performance of world renowned pianist Ivo Pogorelić on May 7th and the Symphony Orchestra of Croatian National Television (HRT) from Zagreb on May 10th.

Maestro Ivo Pogorelić will give performances of the works of composers F. Liszt and F. Chopin.

Sarajevo audience will be introduced to another exceptional pianist Olga Kern, famous for her fiery performances of the music of Rachmaninoff. Together with HRT Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Aleksandar Marković, this piano “tigress” will give performance of the famous “Totentranz” by F. Liszt, to remind us exactly 100 years after the First World War of the destructive power of the dark side of human spirit, of the catastrophic consequences of narrowing of consciousnesses and hatred which led to destruction unprecedented until then. Apart from the students of music academies from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, ensemble “Ad gloriam brass” from Zagreb, Sarajevo vocal ensemble, and giants of world musical scene Ivo Pogorelić and Olga Kern, this festival will definitely meet the high artistic criteria and strengthen the status of Sarajevo as important cultural centre in the Balkans.
May 6th- 10th, 2014 National Theatre, Hall of BiH Armed Forces City of Sarajevo,Foundation for Music
Sarajevo Days of Poetry Sarajevo Days of Poetry is traditionally held in spring, in the first weeks of May, with the participation of poets and translators from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world. Rich programme offers various events: several international poetry afternoons and evenings in BiH cities, homage to Sarajevo poet Izet Sarajlić, literary portrait, art exhibition, presentation of award “Bosanski stećak” and translators meetings.

This prestigious cultural and promotional literary event is organized by BiH Writers Associations and sponsored by the City of Sarajevo.

The International literary event Sarajevo Days of Poetry was established in 1962 with the aim to preserve and improve literary esthetic and literary ethics standards of writing in BiH. The tradition of holding this event continued even during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All prominent poets from Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in Sarajevo Days of Poetry, as well as prominent writers from Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and many other countries.
first weeks of May 2014   City of Sarajevo
Kid's Festival Kids’ festival is the biggest youth event in South East Europe, and this year it will be held from June 6th -10th. It is the most important children’s and youth festival in our country, which children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina are looking forward to.

From 2004 when it was held for the first time, over 40 000 children from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Kid’s Festival. Diverse programme consists of workshops, stands, entertainment, movies, theatrical performances and education. Festival under the motto “All different- all equal” will this year begin on June 6th at 13:30 hours at the Olympic sports hall Zetra, where numerous educational workshops, performances and animations are planned to take place, including the screening of the first movie of this year’s programme at 17:00 hours.

Kid’s Festival, which has over 60 partners- friends, generates global synergy for organizers and guests alike.
June 6th -10th, 2014   City of Sarajevo, Kid's Fest
International Music Festival "Bosnia" International Music Festival “Bosna”, the festival of classical music is held in June since 2005. Today it marks ten years of existence, over 50 concerts of artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, European premiere of piano pieces of American Oscar -winning composer John Corigliano, world premiere of American composer Virko Baley and Bosnian artists Zemira Masleša, over 50 free master classes for students of Sarajevo Music Academy, academic cooperation with American University of Nevada, and the first music camp for children with the goal to teach the children to compose and develop their creativity.

As a proven pioneer of classical music in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BIMF continues its mission in 2012/2013 through its new programme BIMF On Tour thus becoming international.

Every year BIMf presents its visitors and audience with magical experience of exceptional concerts, and it will continue to do so in its jubilee tenth season this June.
June 2014   City of Sarajevo
19th Nights of Baščaršija: The Nights of Baščaršija Festival traditionally takes place in the month of July, usually it starts with the concert of Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, with the participation of conductors and artists from Vienna. Most events take place on the main stage at the plateau opposite the City Hall, where numerous cultural and entertainment events take place, visited and viewed by 150 000 citizens and city guests.

For almost two decades this summer cultural festival had been visited by over a million viewers. Some of the biggest names who participated in the Festival include Joan Baez, the Kelly Family, Mustafa Sandal, Manu Chao, Stefan Milenković, Đorđe Balašević, Zvonko Bogdan, Edin Karamazov, Zabarnjeno pušenje, Goran Karan, Mostar sevdah Reunion, Jadranka Stojaković, Hanak Paldum and many more.

A great number of premieres of theatre plays were staged as well: “Refugees” “Baš- Baščaršija” , “Omer za noćvama”, “Sarajevo tabut”, “Premiere”, “Romeo and Juliet” “Omer Pasha Latas” as well as operas and ballet, concerts of rock and sevdah music, literary evenings, exhibitions…
July 2014   City of Sarajevo
International Folklore Festival International Folklore Festival will be held in July this year, and all the citizens and tourists visiting our city will be able to see folklore performances from all parts of the world.

In the beautiful setting, at the central stage across the road from the City Hall, during the folklore week in the month of July, the magic of stage art expression of folk troupes from different countries from Europe, Asia and Africa, and the beautiful colorfulness of folklore costumes will be a celebration for the eyes and soul of all visitors. In this way strong spiritual ties with artists from across the world are being established and pieces of authentic folklore dance ritual are being introduced to the mosaic of world heritage.

The first International Folklore Festival was held in 1998 on the initiative of PI Cultural Centre “Sarajevo”, with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton, City of Sarajevo and four city municipalities.

The International Folklore Festival joined UN internal folklore association CIOFF (Council of Organisation of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art).

The admission to this significant international association of folklore troupes is a sign of recognition of longstanding successful work of the Festival, and verification at the international level.
July 2014   City of Sarajevo
20th Sarajevo Film Festival This year Sarajevo Film Festival, the most successful Sarajevo brand, international cinematic art event which brought our city world fame and recognition, celebrates its 20th birthday. It will be held in the period from 15th to 23rd August and this year’s president of the jury of competition programe- feature films will be Bela Tarr, one of the most celebrated movie directors today.

The First Sarajevo Film Festival was held in 1995 and at that time it was visited by 3.500 people, while today the number of visitors amounts to 100.000.

During the two decades of its existence, Sarajevo Film Festival has become the greatest and most important festival of filmmakers in South East Europe. Each year the festival presents the best achievements of local, world independent and commercial cinema production to the audience and citizens of Sarajevo. At the same time, this festival is a place where local and international audience can see the latest movies by young authors from Central and East Europe, including the latest works by young BIH authors. Furthermore, this festival has not only discovered some of today’s most successful and acclaimed movie directors, actors, cineastes… but its organisers had also brought to our city some of the biggest names of cinematic art. And most importantly, this very important film event promotes our city and country as an increasingly more attractive cultural and tourist destination.
August 15th-23rd 2014   City of Sarajevo, Sarajevo Film Festival
5th Ballet Fest Sarajevo Ballet Fest Sarajevo, which will be held from 18th to 27th September, is celebrating a small jubilee- its fifth edition. It will offer an even better and more interesting programme to the audience, with participation of today’s leading ballet dancers, choreographers and pedagogues.

Ballet Fest Sarajevo 2014 continues the tradition of developing ballet art and presenting it to the ballet-goers. Under the auspices of the City of Sarajevo the 5th Ballet Fest Sarajevo will have a wide repertoire and quality performances, including classical, neo-classical and modern ballet, as well as premieres of leading world ballet artists. This kind of event is of great cultural significance to the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, since as the youngest festival in the capital city it has been educating, enriching and inspiring audience for five years already.
September 18th- 27th, 2014 Sarajevo National Theatre City of Sarajevo, Balet Fest Sarajevo
54th MESS- Festival of small and experimental theatres Sarajevo One of the oldest theatre festivals in the region, MESS Sarajevo, will have its 54th edition from 3rd to 12th October, when audience will have a chance to see some of the most acclaimed theatrical plays of local, European and world production. Highly acclaimed authors are expected to take part; nonetheless the festival will continue to discover new forces and support independent productions.

MESS manager Dino Mustafić announced that this year’s festival will be marked by commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

-the idea was that the next MESS presents plays from all continents and in different ways joins this important jubilee, as an important centenary for our city, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South East Europe and the whole world- said Mustafić. He announced that 54th MESS will be opened with the play “Faust” by Talia Theatre from Hamburg, and closed with the play “Market place” by Need company from Belgium.

MESS today has a cult status and gives identity to all events which occurred in Sarajevo for more than five decades.
October 3rd-12th, 2014   City of Sarajevo, MESS
18th Jazz Fest Sarajevo This year Jazz Fest will take place in the period from 4th to 9th November, and over the years it proved to be a high quality and stable cultural event both in terms of programme and production.

This year’s Jazz Fest will remain true to its programme tradition which includes 15 concerts- 15 stylistically different wholes, and performances of top jazz musicians from Europe and United States. Conce

rts and workshops for children will be organized for the youngest jazz fest audience with the aim to present them with some of the musical instruments. Furthermore, educational programmes designed for students of music and young musicians from BiH and the region will be organized within the Jazz Fest.

The Festival is independent and non-profitable, and since 1997, when it was established, it is organized in the first week of November. Over 600 artists held more than 200 concerts for the past 17 years of existence of this festival. http.//
November 2014   City of Sarajevo, Jazz Fest Sarajevo
Technical eduaction event “They are the Best” At the end of the year Sarajevo will be the venue of the technical education event “They are the Best” which aims to promote scientific- technical drafting in young inhabitants of Sarajevo.

Technical education is a part of the overall culture of a country and it represents an important resource which should be supported. The City of Sarajevo is the sponsor of this traditional event which focuses on scientific- engineering education of youth, promotion of their inventions, popularization of science and engineering and exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Awards and acknowledgements will be presented for achievements in the fields of scientific-engineering inventions in the categories: best young draftsman, exemplary mentors in the field of technical education; most successful primary schools; technical merit score for individuals and institutions; doyens of technical education.
    City of Sarajevo, Association for Scientific and Technical Education of Youth in BiH
European Design Festival In the month of May, European Design Festival will be organized in Sarajevo by Studio Fashion Sarajevo SFW and under the auspices of the City of Sarajevo. European Design Festival which developed from the Sarajevo Fashion Week project successfully promotes BiH fashion scene, as well as regional and Balkan scenes including presentations of designers from the country and the world.

In the past period European Design festival was organized in cooperation with educational institutions, textile, commercial and art schools, as well as other secondary and higher education institutions and colleges.

Young designers from BiH and abroad are presented with an opportunity to participate at the Festival, to create their own unique designs and present them in an original and creative way.
    City of Sarajevo, SFW Studio Fashion Sarajevo
60th anniversary of European Convention on Culture
60 th anniversary of the signing of European Convention on Culture This anniversary will mark the end of cultural events in 2014 and open the new period of cultural development of Sarajevo Dec 19, 2014   City of Sarajevo